The NDA Legacy Carries On

Our NDA class of 2021 graduated on May 28 and, as they walked confidently across that stage, it was clear they were prepared to journey forth with hope and confidence. As a class, they have been offered over $18 million dollars in scholarships and will be attending 46 different colleges and universities in 19 different states and two international countries. The NDA class of 2021 is ready for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and to use their gifts to make a difference.

In their personal stories as NDA students they embody our tradition of academic excellence and our fundamental belief in God’s goodness and provident care. While the history of their high school years will always include the realities of living through a worldwide pandemic, who they are as NDA graduates will always be defined in terms of their resilience. In the face of many challenges they persisted and prevailed. They are not only ready for college they are ready for life. God is good indeed!

Shortly after graduation we celebrated our Women Making a Difference luncheon. We honored five incredible women who have embraced our Notre Dame Academy mission in their life’s work and truly made a difference in our world. Years ago these women walked across the graduation stage not knowing what would lie ahead yet they ventured out with hope in their hearts, turned challenge into opportunity, faced pain and hardship with faith and made their love for others a priority. Their stories are the stories of faith, hope and love and they have given life to these virtues by using their Notre Dame Academy education to make real the provident care of our good God.

Years from now we will surely be celebrating women making a difference from the class of 2021.  There is no doubt they will make a difference by excelling in personal and family life, community engagement and professional expertise. As our 2021 salutatorian reminded everyone in her speech – to whom much is given – much is expected. These young women will share their God given gifts with our world and we will all be better for it and the NDA legacy carries on in each of their journeys!


God of hope,

help me to live joyfully in the imperfect world,

The world of good, the bad and the ambiguous.

May I live in this real world with enthusiasm,

and not become disheartened

by some of the negative things I see and experience.

May I daily choose to have hope because I have a vision

that goes beyond the immediate or the readily visible.

May I bet with my whole life

that a better world is not only possible,

she is on her way.

Give me the quiet grace to hear her breathing.


Melannie Svoboda, SND