Merry Christmas from NDA

Merry Christmas NDA families, alumnae and friends!

Christmas is a little different for all of us this year as we plan for smaller gatherings and rush to send packages to loved ones who won’t be coming home to visit. It is different here at NDA as well – without all of our students and teachers in the building to share in our Christmas traditions as a school community. Nevertheless, our reason for Christmas joy is certainly ever present and well worth pondering. We are still giving gifts and sharing joyful greetings because we have all been given the greatest gift of all – the birth of our Lord Jesus – who brought redemption, joy and hope into our world!

We embrace this great gift as people of good will and I see this happening each and every day here at NDA – in person and remotely! We are so blessed to be a school community sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Their dedication to Mary and commitment to sharing God’s goodness with all continues to challenge us and lift us up!

The Sisters of Notre Dame shared this beautiful reflection in their Christmas cards this year – Mary held in her arms the God of love, that we might hold in our hearts and give to others the love of God. By their example, we are called now and throughout the year to look beyond ourselves and find ways to bring Christ’s message of good will and hope to others we encounter in our lives.  This is a Christmas message we can embrace this season and throughout the year no matter what is happening in our lives.

As 2020 comes to a close, we may all be tempted to say “good riddance!” Yet I have heard many comments about the ways this year has challenged us to connect with one another and not take each other for granted. In so many ways, we can see God at work in our lives. May this be the takeaway for 2020 and may it carry us into 2021 with much gratitude and hope.

One behalf of our NDA community, I wish you much joy this Christmas Season. Enjoy this Christmas greeting from our Honor Choir. May you experience many people of good will sharing the love of God – and find joy, hope and peace in the days and year ahead.


Dr. Laura Dickman Koehl ’75

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