Go Make A Difference Class of 2020

Graduation 2020 is certainly one for the history books! While memories may focus on what was not possible, we certainly learned what is possible with a little innovation and creativity. May it be the latter that rests in the hearts and minds of our 2020 graduates. Our traditions were celebrated in new ways that created special memories they can always call their very own!

Last Friday, as our graduates drove through our campus, it was such a joy to present them with their awards certificates, memory book, bouquet of red roses, diploma and alumnae gifts. Our seniors arrived to congratulatory signs at the entrance, faculty and staff greeting them along the driveways, the sisters cheering them on and administrators presenting their graduation materials and memorabilia. As graduates, they left with many meaningful items in their possession. We hope they also left with a sense of accomplishment knowing how much they are loved and celebrated by our Notre Dame Academy community.

Later in the day, each of our graduates watched the first ever prerecorded video of their graduation ceremony  – the 112 Commencement at Notre Dame Academy! This video alone is unique to this class. As each young woman is presented with her diploma, what a joy it is to reflect on the amazing journey that lies ahead for her and the great potential she has to bring about positive change in our world. There is so much hope in that!

Having gone through the last few weeks, it goes without saying the journey ahead will be filled with challenges and even heartache. But it will also be filled with promise, hope and joy. Most importantly, each member of the Class of 2020 has all she needs to succeed – in the many gifts she has been given by our Good and Provident God.

We raise our graduates up in a song they sang so many times at NDA!

Go make a difference, we can make a difference
Go make a difference in the world
Go make a difference we can make a difference
Go make a difference in the world

We are the salt in the earth, called to let the people see
The love of God in you and me
We are the light of the world, not to be hidden, but be seen
Go make a difference in the world

We are the hands of Christ, reaching out to those in need
The face of God for all to see
We are the spirit of hope, we are the voice of peace

Go make a difference in the world…

So let your love shine on,
let it shine for all to see.
Go make a difference in the world.
And the spirit of Christ
will be with us as we go.
Go make a difference in the world.

                                                Steve Angrisano

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