Looking Forward

For the last three days our students have filed through NDA to clean out lockers, pickup personal items and drop off any school items they had to return. Mr. VonHandorf greeted and checked in every one of them. They made their way through a very orderly process that honored the social distancing and safe practices we all must embrace at this time. We are certainly creating new ways to handle school processes and interact with our students! It was good practice as we work to bring our students back in the building over these next few months.

Certainly many are wondering what our new school year will look like. Suffice it to say 20-21 will be another year of firsts, but rest assured we are preparing for the challenges ahead. Our leadership team has begun working with several faculty, staff and parents to develop options for the new school year. We are focused on the following priorities:

  • The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff
  • Our mission as a Catholic student dedicated to Mary
  • Our tradition of academic excellence for each student
  • Meaningful engagement in our community
  • Necessary support systems to empower each of our students

We will consult any and all reopening guidelines made available to us by the Kentucky Department of Education, the Covington Diocese and the Governor’s Office. We are blessed with a number of alumnae and parents who are very involved in the medical community in NKY and will seek their input as well.

We will continue to innovate and create as we look to develop best practices for getting back in school safely and effectively. At this point we are working towards options that include being in school with needed modifications or having a blended plan that includes in school and remote instruction for each student. Please know we will send regular update on our progress toward a plan.

At NDA we begin all activities with a prayer, that includes our meetings. We use this mission prayer regularly and we are counting on it to inspire and encourage as we plan for the days ahead with hope and determination.

NDA Mission Prayer

Good and Gracious God, help us to grow as a community centered in Jesus Christ, witnessing to your goodness.  May we like Mary, grow in the spirit of the Gospel, in love and respect for all, and in service of one another. 

Help us to strive for excellence in all we teach and do, so that your kingdom may come on earth and we can truly make a difference in our world. 

                                                                        Sr. Marla Monahan, SND

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