Facing Challenges with Hope and Optimism

Friday was our final day the 2019-20 school year and it will certainly be remembered as a year like no other. Our school community has done a tremendous job over these last 2 months as everyone made the best of a difficult situation. As we began the 19-20 school year, we had no idea these experiences were in our future!

– students learning remotely from bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms

– lectures, class discussions and student presentations on google meets

– parents sitting in on classes  and serving as teacher’s aides

– family pets joining our online learning community

– Mr. VonHandorf becoming a YouTube sensation!

And now, as we look to our future, we have no idea what surprises still might be in store for us.  Of course we all hope for the best but need to be prepared for challenges – always. That’s just life. And that is the Notre Dame Academy way! Following the lead of our sponsors the Sisters of Notre Dame – we are committed to facing the challenge of this current time with hope and optimism.

In that spirit we took on the challenge and opportunities of this school year and in that spirit will embrace those of our new school year! We are currently working on our plan to open school in August and know that we will embrace what lies ahead as a community centered on our school’s mission and the health and safety of our students and staff. Please watch for updates in the near future!

As we begin these summer months we pray for many things.  I will start with these and know each of have many of your own to add as well.

May our  hearts be filled with gratitude for our family, friends, teachers and colleagues

May our summer days provide time for relaxation and renewal

May all our young people know they are loved and supported even in the hardest of times

May our graduates look to the future with courage and excitement

May our country join together as we face the many challenges and opportunities of this 21st century


May each and everyone of us know God’s goodness this day and always!

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