Senior Send Off 2020

Today we celebrated our Senior Send Off in a new way while still honoring our beloved traditions. For years, we would celebrate our seniors after their last day with an all school assembly that featured a multitude of loving messages from their Panda sisters and teachers.

The COVID19 version had to be different – but our goals did not have to change! Through a little human ingenuity and generosity, the loving messages and well wishes are still being shared! Today, the procession into the auditorium was replaced with each senior driving up to school for greetings from the sisters, teachers, staff and our administration – all in masks of course!  We distributed t-shirts, poster size composites of the class of 2020, cafeteria treats and certificates for a free lunch (enticing them to come back for a visit next year).  The traditional and memorable send-off video was produced and released to them at home in the afternoon for all to enjoy with their family.

While this was different from what we all expected, it was still a joyful and grace-filled experience. We were all so happy to see our students faces and it was apparent that they each appreciated the greetings and gifts. The experience was fun and memorable. It seems we are finding a lot of ways to create new memories and celebrate those we love these days.

By embracing human ingenuity and generosity we can create something new that still honors tradition. Nothing changes the fact that we still want to honor our seniors and show how much we care for them and wish them well. Their journey forth will take them to many new places, but they will always be a part of this NDA community and for that we will always be grateful!

NDA School Song

NDA we honor thee with our voices, our hearts, our song,

NDA we sing to thee in a melody clear and strong,

NDA we’re all for thee through the years as they roll along

Alma Mater, Glory to thee, forever NDA!

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