Somebody To Lean On

Today as we all returned from our spring break – hopefully refreshed and emboldened by the message of the Easter Season – we also learned from Governor Beshear that in person schooling will not happen for the rest of the school year. This has many implications for all of us, but most certainly for the class of 2020 – at NDA and at schools across our state. Our hearts go out to each and every one of them. We remain committed to doing all we can to make the best of this very difficult situation for our soon to be newest alumnae.

The social distancing and stay at home strategies have clearly saved lives and made a difference to mitigating the exponential growth of this infection. We know that so many are making sacrifices and are seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus. Of course there is no greater sacrifice than those who have lost their loved ones or their own lives to this virus.

Human suffering is a part of our experience. At this difficult time, we suffer as individuals, as families, as a community, as a country and even as a world. Our humanity is not only defined by this reality – it is defined by our common experience of suffering and by our sense of compassion for each other. We can all imagine the pain that our seniors are experiencing and know how vital it is to support them and each other in such difficult times. 

Bill Withers song – Lean On Me – seems to have taken on a lot of significance these days.   Perhaps we can each think of someone we can reach out to and be that person they can lean on. 

“Sometimes in our lives we all have pain 
We all have sorrow 
But if we are wise 
We know that there's always tomorrow 
Lean on me, when you're not strong 
And I'll be your friend 
I'll help you carry on 
For it won't be long 
'Til I'm gonna need 
Somebody to lean on.” 
                           Bill Withers, 1938-2020

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