Bringing the good news of the Easter story to life

During this Holy Week we recount the journey that Christ took into the darkest experience of human pain and suffering. And today, this journey of human suffering seems all to present to us with the COVID19 pandemic. Christ’s story has the joyful ending of resurrection to new life –  how can we find Easter joy in our current time? How can we apply the Easter story to this present moment? 

It might just be possible that Easter was made for moments like this! We see how the story of Christ’s passion unfolds and we also get to know how it ends. Of course, that alone is an inspiration! We don’t know for sure how our current story will end but we can have faith and imagine the ‘new life’ that can come from all of this. We can hope for a good outcome and put that hope to work through our actions that do make a difference. There are so many in our community doing this already. Think of the health care workers who go to the frontlines every day to provide comfort and care for those who are suffering.

As we begin Holy Week, let us consider ways we bring about positive outcomes in our lives?  Perhaps we can work on a strained relationship, help out more around the house, be more supportive of a sibling, spend a little more time in prayer, be more loving to a sibling, appreciate the beautiful natural world God has given us – there are so many possibilities. The size of the action is not as important as the hope and love with which it is made. This can be the way we bring the good news of the Easter story to life and with it a joy-filled Easter season.

So inspired by the words of Mother Theresa, let us begin our Holy Week with great hope that we will indeed celebrate the joy of Easter.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”                          Mother Theresa

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