The Class of 2020, Prepared for Life

In recent days, I have been conducting senior exit interviews via Google Meet. These are usually done under different circumstances of course where we can sit at a table in my office and have a face-to-face conversation. I miss that format, but am grateful for the screen time I can have with these marvelous young women. Missing those office visits is minor compared to the things our seniors are missing in these final weeks. But they are handling it all with such grace!

These conversations are always insightful and rewarding not only in terms of what our seniors have to share about their experiences, but in the meaningful and genuine way they reflect the impact of their NDA education. I could not have imagined them being more poignant but these days they certainly are!

In recent years, our seniors have shared ways the academic challenges have taught them how to study and manage their time well, the confidence they have gained by learning in our all girl environment, the importance of the NDA sisterhood in making friends and growing as a community of women and the impact that caring and talented teachers have had on their learning. They have reflected on how they have grown in their faith through religion classes, retreat programs and service.

In these last few weeks the Class of 2020 is reflecting on their final days with added introspection. Some are finding that journal writing helps them cope, others appreciate staying connected to teachers and friends via online learning, and many are grateful for opportunities to spend more time with family and sit outside on a sunny day. They express how moved they are by how much our NDA community cares about them and how much they appreciate all they have in life.

I have always known our young women are well prepared for college and these last few weeks have shown me how prepared they are for life!

May the marvelous and insightful women of the Class of 2020 know God’s goodness this day and always!

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