What we know for certain

Today we announced that our remote learning plan will be extended through Friday, May 1. This follows Governor Beshear’s recommendation for all schools. As we watch updates from our federal and state officials we know there is no definitive answer about when all this will come to an end. This uncertainty is unsettling but we are grateful for the patience and support we are seeing from across our community. We know we must continue social distancing and find new ways to connect with one another for the health and safety of our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. We can rely on one certainty – that this will make difference!

My son Louis and his wife Denice live in New York City and they can tell you firsthand how vital it is that we honor this method. Like many parents, I would have never imagined my children would have their lives turned upside down like this – but here we are. I am certain that they love each other and will take good care of one another through it all. The stories I hear from other parents are reminders of this certainty in many of our family experiences.

We recognize another certainty and that is the fortitude and generosity of the human spirit. I am sure you can think of many examples of this, but the most notable one on my mind right now is the bravery and sacrifice of all those on the front lines fighting this disease. This includes a number of parents, alumnae and friends of NDA. They care for those they serve as if they were their own family members. May God bless and protect all these good and courageous people.

Dear Lord,

please embrace your loving arms

around my family and friends.

Keep them always protected,

secured, loved and blessed.


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