The Solidarity of Family

Last Friday, Mr. Tom Richmond, well-known religion teacher at NDA, shared a video reflection with our seniors. It was an invitation for them to reflect on how the challenges of these uncertain times are a call to make a difference. He complimented our seniors on doing just that – by handling this unexpected reality with grace, by supporting one another and in appreciating time with their families. We are all proud of you Class of 2020!

A phrase that Mr. Richmond used that is so relevant to these times was this –“the solidarity of family.”  Like our seniors we are each finding more time with that unit we call our family. It is with this group of people that we are learning how to get through these difficult times and, through that solidarity, learning how to rise above it all, to focus on what matters most – the care and support of loved ones.  We may not agree on what to have for dinner, who is cleaning up the kitchen, what to watch on TV or whose turn it is to take the dog for a walk, but we know we must agree on one thing – that we can get through all of this together and we will be better for it.

As our seniors prepare for the next phase of their lives beyond high school, they have to do so in a way they never expected. This is always a bittersweet time for our young people as they prepare to launch their lives beyond high school and their family home. It is especially poignant that each of these young women has been given some extra time at home with their family. It seems they are finding an unexpected gift!  My wish for them is that when they make their journeys forward – this will be a time they will always cherish – and one that will prepare them well for their next challenge and opportunity to make a difference.

“You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you as you are to them.”
Desmond Tutu

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