Happy National Doctors Day

Beneficence is the quality of doing or producing good.  For medical professionals, this is the fundamental principle guiding their practice. On this National Doctor’s Day, may we all remember those who are caregivers and healers – doing so much good for others especially at this very difficult time. To our many parents, grandparents, alumnae and friends who have embraced this commitment to find healing for others, let us give thanks and appreciation!

We are all witnessing the great challenge our doctors and nurses are facing today. And yet they go to work each and every day to face these incredible challenges and provide a healing presence to those for whom they seek to do good. Let this be an inspiration to us all.  Perhaps we can find ways to support and give witness to their many good works through some small act of love and kindness. In honor of our dedicated doctors and nurses, may we all seek to do good and be a healing presence to others in some way this day.

To be a “healing presence.”

It is a call …

To listen more than we speak
To remain calm even when others are in chaos
To stay clear and focused even when no clear direction is apparent
To value people exactly as they are and not as we think they should be
To be with people who are suffering, rather than trying to have all of the answers or explain that which ultimately is “mystery”
To let go of the temptation to show only the clinical and professional side and hold back the personal and human side of caring

(Source: Catholic Health Association: https://www.chausa.org/)

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