Continuing to Cultivate Hope and Happiness

On this last day of week two of Remote Learning @ NDA, we certainly had another memorable start. Every day Mr. VonHandorf has faithfully brought us our prayer and pledge and they have been truly uplifting (and respectfully entertaining). Today he made arrangements for our dear Sisters Paul Ann and Rachel to open our day. And what a joy it was! You can relive those precious moments at this link .

We are so blessed to be a school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame. They are an inspiration and source of hope each and every day. As you may know, we pay tribute to their legacy and sponsorship in our school theme each year. For the 2019-20 school year our theme of Cultivating Hope and Happiness: Strengthened by God’s Love honors the first SND educational principle of the Centrality of our Good and Provident God. Who would have known how relevant this theme would be to the moment we find ourselves in today?!

Suffice it to say – our resolve is not deterred! God’s goodness is alive and well. That is so evident in the many ways our students, teachers, parents and grandparents are supporting this new way of living and learning. Our NDA community continues to cultivate hope and happiness. May your weekend be another example!

SND Educational Principles

  • The Centrality of a Good and Provident God
  • The Human Dignity of Each Person and an Image of God
  • The Notre Dame Educator as Gospel Witness 
  • An Integrated Education for Transformation

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