"Clouds yielding to sun"

It was a pretty gloomy day outside, but I just checked the weather for tomorrow and the prediction is “clouds yielding to sun.”  I can’t help but embrace that as a metaphor for where we find ourselves these days! It also brings to mind the scripture quote “hope does not disappoint.” Bottom line – things will get better!

As we find ourselves ‘social distancing’ from one another, we are challenged to do things that relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with this new temporary situation. One of those activities is taking a walk outside and enjoying the many beauties of God’s creation. Life that has been hidden in these winter months makes it reappearance! Many students, teachers and staff are finding new simple joys in something we may take for granted. They have shared their experiences of this activity, including a few lovely photos. (Thank you Ms. Barnes and Mr. Byrd!)

It is spring after all – and COVID 19 can’t stop that from coming! Seeing life burst forth as young buds, colorful flowers and green shoots can be a great source of joy and hope.

Whatever you have on your agenda for tomorrow – make sure to include a walk or at least a visit to your backyard. Take stock of all the new life you see coming forth. Embrace the “clouds yielding to sun.” It is a great way to cultivate hope and happiness, sent to us directly by our good and loving God!

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