Grateful for Our Faculty

Week one of NDA remote learning is now complete!  We have heard lots of positive feedback and have so many to thank for that, first and foremost, our teachers. They are doing a phenomenal job of planning and executing this new way of teaching. The ingenuity, creativity and collaboration are outstanding.  Of course they have been expertly led by Mr. VonHandorf and Ms. Grayson and fully supported by our outstanding technology team.

The stories our teachers are sharing speak volumes about their great work as well as the commitment of our NDA students and families. Mr. Byrd was impressed with his students doing literature presentations on Google Meet and others sharing ideas and reflection on discussion board. Mrs. Stine took time to allow her theater students to practice some mindfulness and was happy to see moms join their daughters in practicing ways to relieve anxiety.  Ms. Brennan described how students are using their iPad cameras to record progress on their textile projects. Multiple teachers report perfect attendance and lots of student collaboration!

Our teachers are successful because they believe in and care deeply for our students. So I leave this prayer with you.  It is prayer that gives voice to the reason educators do what they do!  May we say it with gratitude in our hearts for the loving and dedicated work of our teachers.

Abba Father, we lift up our students to You. We have witnessed them growing in love, sisterhood and holiness. We ask you to keep them in your provident care, to guide them, and to protect them on this journey of life. Send your angels to watch over them as they travel near and far. May they grow in wisdom and knowledge, as they become women making a difference in ways large and especially in small ways. Small ways accumulate and change the world a little at a time. Let them never devalue their worth and contributions to the world. May they always know they have an eternal home with you and an earthly home here with us at Notre Dame Academy. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.  – Ms. Pat Brennan

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