The Power of Prayer

As a school community during these difficult times, our goal is to continue to provide learning opportunities and structure for our students. That includes prayer.  Everyday we would all hear Mr. VonHandorf deliver the daily prayer and pledge over the PA. In our new model, we not only hear Mr. V., but we get to see him on video too!  In difficult times we find unexpected blessings.  I imagine I am not the only one who would add this experience to that list! You can see today’s morning prayer from Mr. VonHandorf HERE.

Praying together as a community is so important at our Catholic school – and even now more than ever.  Another morning tradition, begun by Sr. Reina Arlinghaus many years ago, is a decade of the rosary in chapel before school, for anyone who wishes to attend. Our Campus Minister, Bridget Price, invites all of us to join her and her family every day at 8:45am to continue that tradition.  We will not be in the chapel together for now, but we will be joined in solidarity across Northern Kentucky and beyond as we ask for the intercession of our Blessed Mother. 

Our teachers are reporting wonderful stories about their experiences. Challenges exist – but our resolve has not diminished and nor should it. As our IT Director Niko Kitsinis humbly reflected: We are in a great position to move to Remote Learning, not because of our technology, but because we have people that are willing to learn and adapt! It has been great to see everyone working together and helping each other with this transition. 

So much to pray for indeed – today I am starting with gratitude!

We invite students, alumnae and families, wherever you are, to join us at 8:45 a.m. every day in saying a decade of the rosary.

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