Remote Learning – Day 1

Wow – our first ever remote school day and from all reports it has gone well!   On St. Patrick’s Day, we might give some credit to the Luck O’ the Irish! But today’s success begins and ends with the planning and preparation of our administration, teachers and IT staff, AND the genuine and thoughtful participation of our students. I heard some students were even wearing their uniforms as they engaged in school from home! What dedicated Pandas!

Perhaps you also wore something green today. Shamrocks, Leprechauns, the Irish flag – green is the color of the day and some say green is also the color of hope. In spite of these challenging times – we all have reason to hope. 

I was reminded of that first thing this morning when our religion teacher Mrs. Johnson shared St. Patrick’s prayer with us over email.  As we opened our day with this hopeful prayer may we keep it in hearts as we go forward on this journey together.

Please share signs of hope from your journey!


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