Challenging Times


Pear Deck, Edpuzzle, Google Meets, Doceri, Google Hangout, YouTube, discussion boards – here we go with the NDA Remote Learning Plan!

Our faculty, staff and students have done a remarkable job getting ready for our first remote learning day. Who could have imagined we would be embarking on a journey like this?  We can all start with a sense of confidence that we have a great foundation at NDA to launch this project. Together as a community we will make it the best experience it can be.

How appropriate our school theme is for this very moment!  As students and teachers sign in, engage in online discussion, submit questions and ideas, share videos and articles – we start with this –  “We can do all things strengthened by God’s love.

Each day brings new information and we all can get lost wondering what the future brings.  Focus on the present moment and look for small graces and celebrate success. Know that the preparation for this journey is already a win in itself!

Please share comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

May you know God’s goodness this day and always,

Dr. Laura Koehl

The more difficult the times are the more we must expect and hope everything from the goodness of the good God.– St. Julie Billiart


2 thoughts on “Challenging Times

  1. Thank you for the communication, Dr. Koehl, and for the dedicated teachers who are working hard to make the home learning platform possible.


  2. Today went amazing! Lizzie said it went fast and it was fun. I am so proud to be an alumnae and have both an alumnae and current Panda!! Keep up the amazing work NDA


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